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Imaginary Cole

Daily Rants From Your Imaginary Friend

12 March
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  • cole_imagines@livejournal.com
Here is my fake bio-> I'm Cole, creative writer. This is the place to find my rants on life. So if you like to hear pointless complaining this is the place for you. woot
Here's my real bio-> Cole's writing is contrived in a factory of elves with a man in....oh wait that's the North Pole. Cole's writing comes from
realms of her imagination (Which is a lot like the North Pole,
except with better weather). She believes that by writing she can stretch the boundaries of what is possible and be in control of others' destinies. (Hey, either this Cole really likes writing or
she's one hell of a twisted weirdo).
It's mostly the first with a bit of the second.