A Rant on...The Health Insurance Debate

So, should everyone be entitled to health insurance? And should it be provided by the government? I think this problem  does need to be addressed, however, the government is going about it the wrong way.  Why doesn't everyone have insurance? A decent plan costs upwards in the 500-700 dollar range and many cannot afford that (including myself).  But why does it cost so much? The way we go about diagnosing diseases and seeing patients is the problem.  Having a second option is not going to change the flaws in our health care system.  I go to the doctor a lot (which has increased since I've been working interestingly enough)  and usually when I see said doctor, I spend about 10 minutes in his or her office.  This speed doctoring needs to stop.  Since I have a lot of health issues, I'm forced to race through my various problems, which the doctor cannot digest in that short period of time.  Instead of looking at the whole patient, the doctor looks at each symptom individually and prescribes meds accordingly. There's a doctor for everything.  Perhaps the specialists, hospital doctors, surgeons, and primary care physicians should talk.  Would this take a lot of time? Sure.  But would I be seeing the doctor less often, which would reduce bills to my insurance companies? Yes.  The doctors take the "Let's try this till we get it right method" which means "We don't really know or have the time to figure out what's wrong with you so I'll just give you some medicine to shut you up." We need to have less appointments, but spend less time with our doctors.  
    Secondly as I said previously, I've seen plenty of doctors since I've been working in addition to starting therapy and being put on happy pills.  Maybe it's our lifestyle that has caused this to be deemed necessary.  We live in a rush rush world where relaxing and taking time to spend with others is considered lazy, where making our jobs our life is considering normal.  Many illnesses can be traced back to stress yet doctors don't usually see the problems behind the veil and people can't or won't change their lifestyles.  Even the way we eat is a problem.  Maybe, instead of trying to find the quick fix (as doctors do) the government and people should take more of a detective approach and find out exactly why things are the way they are.


A Rant on...The Economy Inspired by Chinese Food

   Two days ago, I went to the local Chinese takeout place and found that they had about 10 specials at half the price.  3 rolls of sushi with a salad cost 10.00 when each roll is normally $5 each.  They also had other meals such as Sesame Chicken, a quart of fried rice and a quart of soup for 10.00.  That can feed a family of 3.  
   It's obvious that the owners of this store realized that "Maybe if I sucked up my greed for a second and charged less, more people would come here." After seeing their prices, whenever I order takeout, I will go there. 

    I'm sick of hearing about today's economy.  Yes, it sucks and people want to finger point and find the scapegoat.  I won't over analyze here, but some of the problems, to me, could have been prevented or even fixed, but can we Americans step down from our pedestal and for a moment not be spoiled?

   Going back to the Chinese food example, why can't most businesses lower their prices.  They would definately get more business.  It costs 10 cents, supposedly, to make a T shirt so why not charge $10 instead of $20? Why can't restaurant add a soup or a salad to every meal so that people would get more of a bang for their buck? It used to be that way, when you ordered a dinner, the meal came with a soup or salad.  Now, in most chains, the prices have gone up, but you get less.  Why do the prices keep going up? I used to work at a Friendly's and the prices increased about 40% since I worked there, but people are once again getting shittier service with a smaller meal.  Some businesses are slowly getting it, charging $20 for an appetizer and dinner for two.  Why wasn't it thought of before? Basically if we made things slighty cheaper more people would buy.  You must admit most things are overpriced.

       Other questions to ponder:

1.  In today's society, kids are prepped to go to college.  It's all that's talked about in elementary schools and high schools. "You need this for college" blah blah blah, when some kids would do better getting life skills or learning a trade.  Why not teach cooking so people don't have to eat out? Or what a morgage is?

2.  Thinking about question #2, kids today are basically told if you don't go to college your a loser.  I'm all for reaching your potential, but today everyone goes to college, but only some get a job.  The reason being, even if you pay the same amount as someone else for college, if you aren't made for it, your going to graduate with a low GPA or with a major that won't get you anywhere and your back at square one working a min. wage job with a 40,000 loan.  Why can't we just shut up and allow people to figure out what they want to do with their lives before shoving them into college at age 18? Can we back down from our pride for a second? Therefore, people have college loans but are doing nothing with their college degrees. Or they go back to school two times to figure out what they want.  But, hey, it's better than having your son/daughter work at the mall, right? It's less of an embarassment.  So in 4 years, he or she is still working at the mall, but yeah he has a BA in Art.

3. Until this year, I've never made more than $10,000 a year so then why oh why is my credit limit $5,000? How is that even allowed?

4. How come college loans give you three times more than you need for college without even knowing if you can pay it back? My graduate degree cost me $18,000 because I paid the min. but if I would have taken all the loan I would have an $80.000.  It almost becomes a pain in the ass to get a lower loan.  There isn't even a spot to say you want less of a loan.  You have to handwrite it in yourself and, no, the directions don't say that.  At least, my dad knew enough to explain this to me.  Most people don't know this though (see point #1).

5. Why is college so much money? The professors are mostly adjuncts or grad students who get about $2,000 per class.  Hey, isn't that the price of one class for one student. Um, yeah.  So then where is the money going? Oh yeah to the President and his White House style mansion on campus.

6. Okay, why do I have to pay for idiots? Obviously this doesn't relate to anyone, but if you were dumb enough to buy an expensive house that you couldn't afford in a worse case scenario, why is that my problem? Oh cause I have a superior credit score and pay my bills off every month, that's why?  When I buy a house, I plan on buying one that is less than what I could afford, you know, just in case I lose my job. 

7.  And why the fuck does it cost so much to get health insurance? Most poorer people don't have health insurance, therefore, if they get sick, then they're in debt and can't afford their house and what not.  If you work full time insurance should be guaranteed by any job even if you have to put some money into it.

8. Why are we complaining? Why are we using the crappy economy to give shitty gifts and act like we're getting something for free just because some people lost their jobs? My grandma told me "Oh, I'm sorry if your birthday money is less.  You know, this economy" but she goes to Atlantic City every weekend.  Go figure. 

9. There are people in other countries that no matter how shitty our economy is have nothing.  They don't even know what the words "unemployment check" mean. 

Boo-hoo America.

A rant on...Oh shit moments

There are moments that last a millisecond.  But in that moment you realize that you've made a terrible mistake.  But, as it's happening, the Fates have taken over and played with your web and you're in a "oh shit moment."

I had an "Oh shit" moment today.

I rearended a car.  It was my first accident and as my feet pressed the brakes in a futile attempt to not crash, I knew what would happen.  Though it happened instantly, it really was as if time stopped and I could feel every ounce of how my day would change after that moment.

Honestly, I don't care much about damaging my car (my car was heavily damaged and his only a few scratches).  It was more how my life changed in those few seconds.  Though the other driver was nice, I could almost hear him and the cop staring me down and saying "what a moron.  She can't drive!"  After years of playing back seat driver to my friends and family, I know felt as if the Gods were laughing.  I never tailgate and I'm quick with my brakes.

Not this time.

Like I said, it's not that I damaged my car.  I would take the damage, if only, it was reversed.  If he could have hit me.  It would save me this pit-like feeling in my stomach and constant questioning of "why did I do that? If only, I would have done this or that."

I can question it over and over.

But the fact is, I can't turn back time.

Shit happens.

And you just have to roll....


A Rant on...Misleading Commercials

        There are plenty of companies that will do what it takes to convince people that their product is the best.
        But that's not what this blog is about.
        This is about commercials that seem like they about  product when they are really about another.
        The other day, I was watching TV and my eyes were fixated on a commercial that took place at a aquarium.  I was ready for the announcer to say something about Sea World when it was actually for one of those Mastercard "priceless" commercials.  I was really annoyed that this fantasy world aquarium wasn't real and felt cheated that even with a stupid Mastercard it couldn't become real.

      Another time, a cartoon commercial came on displaying cartoon unicorns and fairies taping again into my fantasy novel loving self to the Tune of Heart's "Barracuda."  Again, my eyes were glued and I wondered what could the commercial be for? It was for Honda's Odyssey van.  Now, this wasn't a Volkswagon Bus, so what appeal does day glo, neon, hippie fairies have to the average soccer mom? Sorry, but the average nerd isn't going to jump on the chance to purchase this van unless it comes with Gandalf the Great or an alien tracking device.

        Now, on the other hand we have commercials that totally turn me away and make me want to turn off the TV instantly?  For example, what about the Burger King ads? When's the last time, you saw a burger in them? Usually it's the plaster-faced King who looks like a pedophile that stalks the local ball pit.  Honestly, the commercials make me sick.  If I had kids, I wouldn't go there cause subconsiously I'd feel afraid that said King would pop out of the fryalator and do the Sponge Bob boogie woogie.

Can you think of any other misleading commercials? 



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A Rant on...Working

An older blog reproduced below...

I'm actually going to try to blog regularly since I am a writer. I've had lots of thoughts on my mind since I've been working my new job so I thought I'd share it here. Please feel free to comment. By the way, does anyone know how to change my layout on myspace? I so want an Alice in Wonderland background but when I put the code in, it stays the same background. So I've decided that here in this country of America, we are a little too obsessed with work. Basically your whole life is work. From preschool you learn different skills so that one day you'll get into a good school and get a good job. So basically your whole life is preparation. But when are you living?
I ask myself this often.  What am I living for? Myself or my job? It tends to be the latter in this world.  If you dare tell someone that something in your life is more important than your job, people look at you with shocked faces.  I've not going to make myself sick over it as some do.  At my job in particular, people stay really late when they get there at 6:30 in the morning.  What kind of life is that?  Did you ever think you may be a better employee if you had time to yourself.
    I'm sorry the weekends just aren't enough.  They are just recovery days.  And what is it with the 5 day work week? For some it's more than 9-5.  The problem is work and money is so valued in our culture that bosses expect more than 9-5 today and we keep gving it to them. People have technology, computers that can  make their jobs move quicker but at the same time, the bossess expect more hours.  I don't think anyone can be a fully person by working all the time.  After a while, life becomes robotic, predictable and your body works like a clock.  If you like for sat and sun and do the math, you really aren't living your life.  Your life is living you.  It becomes a host sucking you dry. 
    When I come home from work, my brain is dry, I can't think and all I want to do is sleep or workout to get out my stress.  I find that I can hardly write creative fiction anymore cause my mind is filled with thoughts from work.  I've felt confused since I started my job, depressed and like my life has become someone else's.  Don't get me wrong- we all need money and need to work to some extent, but it seems that hobbies, relaxing, experiencing or imagining are not valued at all. Those things are what make you who you are or make you realize who you are.  I'm scared I must say.  That I may turn into another cog wheel of the man's machine.  Where's the romanticists and transcendentalists when we need em? See told you, no one imagines anymore.  Everything is put out there already, practical, mathematical there is no more wondering.....

Rant on...The Movies

Here is an older blog reproduced here.

 I can't figure it out!  Last night Jaycee and I went to see Gran Torino at the local theatre.   This movie has been in limited release for about five weeks and finally it's in the local theatre.  The movie made almost 30 million last week and it's considereed a surprise!  You mean people actually like going to see a movie with good acting and a plot that makes you think? You mean that not everyone is clamoring to see Paul Blart Mall Cop? Unfortunately for us, Gran Torino was sold out.  Yes sold out.  As was SlumDog Millionaire, another excellent movie that won a slew of awards so far this season.  So let me ask you...if people actually want to see a good movie, how come half the time these types of films aren't in the local theatre or take months to get there?  Is it the movie theatres that doubt humanity or is it the Hollywood execs who like to play it cool till they know it has a following?
     Our original choice was to see Revolutionary Rd. with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is apparently only playing in Toms River (thanks Alex Biese for that info).  Why isn't playing more places? Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio both have a strong following and are usually in good movies.  What is the plot too complex? Is there not enough explosions and Michael Bay like tactics? Is that why Hollywood doesn't trust more people to want to see this film? 
   I love it when decent films fall under the indie, no-name actor, or too deep category.  Even time these films get recognition from an audience, entertainment magazines say "Holy shit, you mean men 18-35 actually went to see this movie?" "You mean women actually go to the movies?" "You mean, people actually have brains in their heads?"
   Well hello maybe we aren't that smart because the movies that we have a choice of are either A) The UnBorn B) The Uninivited C) Paul Blart Mall Cop D) Bedtime Stories E) Marley and Me (which I may not have a problem with if the animal didn't die in every cute animal movie.. Jesus Christ, why can't we have a cute animal movie where the animal doesn't die? Why must animals be used to ensure my depression? I'm still recovering from Two Brothers and that had some what or a happy ending...)
Anyway, tangent there.  These are some of the movies I would have seen if people actually trusted that I wanted to see a good movie.  These were good films that I couldn't see in a local theatre.
1- Rachel Getting Married
2- Milk
3-The Wrestler
4-The Reader
5- Rev. Road
This was just in the last month. 
I'm sorry to those who don't have brains and who want to only see Hollywood fluff n' crap. But to those who have brains, like yours truly (and I hope there are more of us) please allow these films to have a wider release!

A Rant on...Choices

Do you know what I do when I go to the store?

I'll pick out  a shirt that I like, but it will be in 5 different  colors.

And do you know what I do?

I buy all of them.


Cause I can't make a decision.

So tell me, people, if I have a shirt conundrum in all aspects of life, how in the hay am I supposed to decide my career path?

I'm 25, already have 2 degrees and counting and couldn't tell you, still, what I want to do with my life.

Of course, I'd like to be a published novelist, but in the meantime or in a worst case scenario, what am I supposed to do?

From the time we can talk, peole ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

This question should be deemed illegal.  It causes a cataclasmic affect where said child thinks they have to decide what they want to be asap.  Which, in turn, only leads to hasty decision making. 

In a culture, where the Blackberry is out and the Iphone is in.  Where fads and styles change quicker than the seasons, how are we supposed to make a decision as WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (and if by chance you make the wrong one, you're screwed). 

A college degree doesn't equal happiness. Having a career doesn't equal happiness. Heck, either doesn't guarantee a job or money,

Shouldn't happiness be first?

Then why do we rush our life away? Shouldn't we have experiences that will hopefully give way to potential choices and potential pathways? 

Why the **** do I need to know what I want to be?

Cause honestly I still can't pick out a t shirt.

A Rant on...The Wii

  Okay so I bought a Wii about a year ago.  It was when I was a poor college student and scraped up my last chance for a glimmer of my childhood. 
    So I bought the Wii played Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Paper Mario.  All pretty good games.  But then...
what happened?
    Hello, Nintendo people in Japan you have a jackpot video game system!  Wouldn't you want to add to that pile of dough by making good games? 
    Example: I was in Best  Buy recently and was browsing the Wii section.  One of the games was a deep sea diver game.  I checked out the description in the back and found out the entire game was basically you searching the oceans for sea creatures (no, not Krackens or loch ness monsters.  The regular sea creatures that I can see on the Discovery Channel).  Now, Wii people, unless you're going to teleport me to Bermuda for an underwater snorkel, I don't  really care for pixelated fish. 

Case in point #2-  They have this game called Cooking Mama where you basically make food.  But what the heck is the point if you can't eat the food ?(not that I want to eat squid ink pasta-one of the delectables dishes you can make) Nintendo, if you're going to make a cooking game you better put some type of Jetson's who-ha in it so that I can actually eat the food! 

So therefore, I haven't played my Wii.  And I was real excited about it. 

Let's put it this way.  You have a sensored remote shaped like a sword.  Why not create a game where you can kick the crap out of people and actually control the sword instead of some button mash?

Would that be too violent for famlies? (obviously the Wii's target consumers)

Obviously yes.  Instead of playing medieval Mario, I get to make sushi with my box shaped sword.

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A Rant on...Middle Names

So what's your middle name?

Call me psychic, but if you're a girl I'm going to guess Marie, Anne or Rose.

If you're a guy, probably Michael, Frank or George or maybe Jon.  But I'm betting on Michael.

Hello, people!  The middle name to me represents the time when you can be slightly creative with your kid.  Afterall, no one is going to call him/her that name and he/she can actually have a reason to get all shy and upset when he/she says, "I don't want to tell you my middle name."

So then why oh why do we use the same middle names?
Are we in some time of dystopian society ala 1984 or Anthem where everyone's name is practially identical. 

I know, I know.  People are named after grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.  But seriously, is everyone's aunt/uncle/grandparent/cat/pet rock named Marie? 

You know what I did when I received confirmation? I thought, wow, you can pick a new middle name basically.  So you know what I picked? Blase.  Yes Blase. First off, he's a man saint  and secondly, he's the saint of throats.  How cool is that? So yes, I was granted the middle name of Blase. (Yes, pronounced exactly like Blaze, the fire).  And one girl took Elmo.   Because she liked the Sesame Street character.  Here's to young kids taking religious rituals seriously.  She probably regrest takin Elmo today, but hey at least it wasn't another Rose or Marie.

I'm an Ann. 

But when and if I have kids I will name them something creative.  Like Luke Atreyu or Scarlett Ravyn.  Hell yes.  No, it doesn't sound like a stripper name.

This is just  shows how our society is  too afraid to break out and be a little weird.  When they have one second to let it all go, they settle on, well , the usual.


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